Plagiarism Policy

The authors submitting their manuscript to IUJ-JOM are required to acknowledge that, they are aware of Plagiarism and has not included any plagiarised content in any form. Manuscripts are sent to the reviewers on conditions that they are unpublished data with proper citation. Hence, we strongly recommend the authors to check the manuscripts thoroughly through any of the plagiarism checking software’s prior to the submission of manuscript. Manuscript found to be plagiarised during the preliminary review will be desk rejected directly by the editor. In case, if any of the manuscript that was published in IUJ-JOM was reported as plagiarised by any of the researcher or reader with authentication, the respective article will be removed from the journal page and disable all links to full text article. The IUJ-JOM may also go to an extent to disable the author account with the journal and may even ban the author temporarily or permanently based on the severity of plagiarism.