The IUJ-JOM For Reviewers

As a matter of policy, all the article submitted for publication to IUJ Journal of Management , go through a double blind review process, for ensuring the quality of the article. The recommendations and comments given by the reviewers are a mandated guide to inform the editor’s decision on a manuscript.

Once the reviewer receives a request to peer review an article, the reviewer is expected to respond within one week through mail to the editor of the journal, regarding their acceptance, in order to avoid delay in the process. Peer reviewers must keep the content of the manuscript confidential and should not use the content elsewhere for personal advantage or share the same with any known contacts. The comments from the reviewer should be constructive and objective without being offending in nature. The reviewer should user MS Word Tracker to make comments and may make supporting arguments on their comments, which might help the authors in improving the quality of their manuscript.

When a reviewer finds any potential ethical issues in the article, it should be brought to the notice of the editor. They may include any substantial similarity or overlap between the manuscript under consideration and any other published paper of which the reviewer has personal knowledge. A reviewer may suggest that additional citations may be included, wherever necessary . At the same time, a reviewer may advise the author to tag references of all citations with the text in the paper , at the relevant location.