A study on issued faced by media advertisement in Tirunelveli District

Abstract :

Media advertisement faced lot of issues in advertise a product. In recent days social media advertisement were introduce in their social media faced lot of problems when the product familiarize because fake products were also announce. So the Government announce the lot of rules and regulation to advertise their own products in social media. The article focuses the issues faced by media advertisement in Tirunelveli district. Throughout this study 184 respondents are taken. Statistical analysis tools like percentage analysis, chi-square test, ANOVA. The result indicates that issues faced by media advertisements are different when compared to age wise classification.

Keywords :
Media advertisement, Issues, Government, Social media, Products
1. Introduction

Promotional is amazing which we are bare to from a young age and which can contain us in many changed ways. Publicize is a promotional measure for marketing a merchandise. In a current day world of frame manufacture and supply, publicity attends as influential tool in the marketing machinery. Different producers creation alike kinds of properties. They face hardstruggle in the marketplace. Each producer is annoying to generate demand for his merchandise. Promotion supports the producer to raise his sales or maintaining his market. It is only finished appropriate advertising a new invention can be presented in the market. Advertisement is a indirect rate which is added in to distribution expenditures. Ad creates consciousness of the merchandise.

• To know the issues faced by the media advertisement.
• To enquiry the socio- economic profile of the study.
• To identify the media advertisement brings attitudinal change in buying behaviour.

• Niazi et al.(2012) in their research “Promotion and its impact on customer purchasing performance” recognised that advertising is an definite tool to appeal individuals and to divert their approach definitely toward a merchandise. The investigation revealed that there is a reasonable association among customer buying consideration, ecological causes and expressive influences. If the customer is expressively attached with the merchandise, he or she will favour to frequent that merchandise. Occasionally individuals alteration their brands just to test the other brands.

• Shrivastava, (2014).in his research “A change in consumers purchasing behaviour due to advertisements” examines that is suitable because for a dealer, ordering the tradition of dissimilar broadcasting platforms for promotion is showing to be a challenge. Nowadays, the promotion cost of both media is very high, and any unfortunate media tactics can be an expensive choice. Therefore, it is vital for publicizing executives to realize several media advertisements and its effect on customer performance.

• Samar Fatima and Lodhi (2015)in his article “A study on change in consumers purchasing behaviour due to advertisements” revealed that Announcement supports the business to generate the consciousness in their consumers and components the ad soutline the awareness of the customers whichever in the confident or in a undesirable manner. Individuals can observe the excellence of the merchandises by get-together the evidence which they frequently get finished commercials. The observation of the superiority, consciousness of the merchandise and customer belief enterprises the consumer purchasing choice. Study judgmentally assesses these issues which shape the purchasing performance and delivers the deep visions to the part of ads determining the customer performance.

• Ho1 – There is no significant difference between age wise classification and issues faced by advertisements.
• H02 – There is no significant difference between area of living and media advertisement bring attitude change in buying behaviour.

Primary Data:
Main statistics was collected from the respondents through methodically arranged survey done structured interview procedures.

Secondary Data
The main source of information for secondary data was collected from ancient records and the websites records, periodicals, newspaper etc.


Source: Computed Data
The significant value of Anova is .209 (This is greater than p value .05). Hence, the null hypothesis is not rejected. Therefore, there is significant association area of living and media advertisement bring attitude change in buying behaviour so, it concludes that there was a no difference in area of living and media advertisement bring attitude change in buying behaviour.

• Majority 56 percentages of the respondents are female.
• Majority 41 percentages of the respondents are in urban areas.
• Majority 27 percentages of the respondents are under the age group of 20 – 30 yrs.
• There is no significant difference between age wise classification and issues faced by advertisements.
• There is no significant difference between area of living and media advertisement bring attitude change in buying behaviour.

• To suggest that contemporary issue in advertisement reduce the duplicate reference of the product.
• To suggest that advertise uniqueness of the product reference and updates.
• To avoid advertise fake information of the product.
• To improve the advertisement because that will introduce the product in the market.
• The advertisements create curiosity of the product image. So reduce to create the curiosity of the consumer products.

To conclude that contemporary issues in advertisement public are aware about that product merits and demerits of the advertisement. Advertisement faced a lot of issue and problems because of the product image and quality. Advertisements restrict competition among products. Some advertisers expertly generate ambiguous impressions of their product they present a very glowing portrait of their goods with the object of increasing their sales.


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